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Do you know these animal secrets?

Do you know these animal secrets?

July 8, 2021

On this episode, Shannon Gregoire is joined by co-host Tatiana Rogers while they chat with New York Times Best Book author, Carl Safina.  They talk about Carl's latest book, Becoming Wild. 

Becoming Wild offers a glimpse into cultures among non-human animals through looks at the lives of individuals in different present-day animal societies. By showing how others teach and learn, Safina offers a fresh understanding of what is constantly going on beyond humanity. With reporting from deep in nature, alongside individual creatures in their free-living communities, this book offers a very privileged glimpse behind the curtain of life on Earth, and helps inform the answer to that most urgent of questions: Who are we here with?



This recent college grad is going to save your pets life!

This recent college grad is going to save your pets life!

June 30, 2021

A life-changing internship helped cement Texas A&M grad, Stephanie Young's life mission. She switched from focusing on a medical career, to inventing products meant to make things better and safer for everyone involved.

The first result was SkyPaws, an invention designed to help veterinary staff monitor animals all the time, not just when a vet tech can pop in. The device is designed so that it fits easily with a kinesio-tap but not so easily chewed into pieces. It allows pets to be monitored fully and completely, so that the pet can be treated if it’s vitals start to dip.



Have you tried virtual vet visits?

Have you tried virtual vet visits?

June 23, 2021

Virtual vet visits are relatively new and have been gaining momentum in the veterinary space since the pandemic started and access to vet care has been challenging. 

While virtual visits aren’t a replacement for normal vet visits,  they can be super helpful when you have quick questions or want to know if the signs your dog is displaying requires a trip to the ER or can wait for an appointment. 

On this episode of Simply Pets with Shannon Gregoire, we meet Alex Chieng, co-founder of Vetsie- an all-in-one communication platform that helps virtually connect pet owners with veterinarians. Alex tells us all about how virtual vet visits are the future of pet care.


Learn more about Vetsie:

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